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Physiotherapist, yoga teacher and lover of the coast, TillyLou James has been working with posture for over 20 years. She’s passionate about helping your back and leads the way in intelligent yoga-block design!

TillyLou shares her unique and fascinating view on posture and describes some great exercises for releasing tension in your back. Take a seat of lie down and enjoy our interview.

How Can A Special Yoga Block Help My Posture?

by James Crow | With TillyLou James

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The Buttafly is an ergonomic meditation seat and a versatile yoga block, ideal for many types of yoga including restorative and Yin yoga. It is also unique aid for back care and can be effective in the management of simple back pain.


Posture is like a favorite old sweater, so well-worn that it bags at the elbows and perhaps it’s even taken on the shape of our shoulders

– TillyLou James