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Your personalised approach

Sometimes we need a little help to get to where we want to be. My one-to-one coaching sessions take place in-person and online. So you can get posture help no matter where you live. If you’d like to ask me how I can help, schedule a free zoom or phone consultation, I’d be happy to chat.

Posture coach

My Approach to Effective Posture coaching

I can’t lie and tell you there’s one quick fix to your posture problems. If only there was!

My posture coaching approach is more comprehensive, and focuses on your body posture, your posture awareness, learning how to hold yourself effortlessly well, and your space or environment.

It’s all part of my Brain Body Space method.


Alexander Technique

Easy body awareness and posture skills. Take control of how you sit stand and move and learn this effortless skill


Zoom posture and workstation sessions

Find how to sit or stand effortlessly at your computer, and how to get your chair, desk, keyboard mouse and monitor perfectly positioned – just for you


Online courses

Learn and practice new posture and ergonomic skills at your own pace, in your own time

Posture Self Help

Great Posture for YOU and YOU alone!

One-size-fits-all solutions are never going to work for everyone. Your body shape, size, habits, and old injuries mean you’re in need of a personalised solution.

Together we’ll figure out the best way to fix your posture for good – no short term patch! By working together you get real-time feedback on how you’re improving, what’s working for you, and how to keep it all going so you can look forward to a comfortable future.

posture check

Good posture Is More Than Just working out. you don’t need to be a muscle-mountain or a “super-flexible-mega-stretcher” to Have good posture

We don’t all have hours to spend in the gym doing uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous exercises. The modern idea of posture is all about looking buff, but that’s just not an option for most of us. You can blame social media for making us all want to look like supermodels.

We may not be muscled, tanned and gorgeous but we CAN have good-looking, comfortable, effortless posture.

Of course you can!

More aware of my body

The Alexander Technique session from Jame Crow helped me find out the poor posture of playing which I haven’t noticed. I became to be more aware of my body since a small movement change does prevent the muscle soreness and make my piano practice more efficient.

Xiaoni Shen

Great to see and hear James via Zoom

I found the session very useful, as James explained how I could help myself more – it is not easy! I am hoping that this will enable me to apply the Alexander Technique when I need it.(Don’t worry, I haven’t mastered it yet). It was great to see and hear James via Zoom.


Always a Pleasure

Whether it is a face to face or online session it is always a pleasure to work with James. His Alexander Technique sessions are relaxed & informal but at the same time professional, informative & effective. Highly recommended.


small but effective changes are the key to Maintaining Results

Fixing your posture isn’t an event. You don’t just do something or other and then you’re fixed.

Fixing your posture is a process. So we learn how to sit well, how to stand well, how to use a computer well, how to feel and look better without effort.

So you change over time, and the changes stick. Easy!

My posture used to be awful, really really bad. But over time I learned how to have really comfortable, effortless, expansive posture. And I’m on a mission to help you have that too!

Posture coach

Superb Practitioner

I’ve worked with James for around four years now. He is a superb practitioner — very experienced and with a deep sensitivity to the body and its marvels — but also carries this all with a light touch and a sense of humour. Alexander Technique with James can feel like exercise, therapy, relaxation and a coaching session all at the same time! It’s also been great to work with James remotely during the lockdown — he came up with some inventive and helpful ways to keep practising and to help me keep in good shape whilst working from home. I can’t recommend James highly enough!

Online Posture Lessons – effective and interesting

Enjoying the sessions I am having, they are effective and interesting with the quality of audio and video making it as if James in the same room. Really easy to embody what is being taught and great to practice whilst being given guidance in the comfort of your own home. There is a plan and structure to the lesson and after it has been completed I always effortlessly continue what has been learnt because it’s so easy to learn and presented simply.


An Enjoyable Half Hour

We had a virtual session which ran smoothly. James guided me to adopt and maintain a sitting posture that would be more beneficial to my body, and in my case neck. He addressed my individual issues, and was happy to discuss things I raised. He made me realise how important these matters were and how paying attention to them could improve my life.


But What if i’m not in the uk?

How to Learn Wherever You Live

Check out the booking pages for a suitable time

I try to set times so that most countries can find a timeslot to suit – have a look.

You can pay in your own currency

We use Paypal so you can pay from wherever, safe in the knowledge that your transaction is secure.

Personalized Posture Coaching for Working from Home

Your home wasn’t designed to be worked in! Find how to get it set up as best you can, either with no costs, or on a limited budget, or going all-in, no-holds-barred. You deserve to work comfortably!

My posture and workspace zoom sessions will make a massive difference to how how feel at the end of the day.

Alexander Technique sessions wherever you are

You can take alexander technique zoom sessions to learn the basics and improve how you hold yourself making everyday tasks easy and improving your appearance

My online Alexander Technique sessions are really popular and teach you to go about your day feeling tall, open and expansive. No stiff posture to hold here!

Alexander Technique sessions in Wilmslow and Stockport

If you’re local to me, you can take full advantage and with your own in-person sessions at my Wilmslow and Stockport Clinics, easy to get to from Manchester and Cheshire.

Learn the Alexander Technique in one of my spotless, hygienic clinics.

Posture, body mindfulness, and ergonomics training courses

Learn in your own time, at your own pace, with our expert-led online video courses.

Our online courses are purpose-built to make you posture look and feel effortless, or to help you through the working day, or even to train as an ergonomics expert yourself!

Very Useful Exercises!

My 10-year-old daughter, who plays piano went to James’ Alexander Technique class two year ago for the first time. James gave her some exercises to avoid tension in her playing, and to relax her hands, especially the left hand. Those exercises are so useful, my daughter is still doing that.



Brilliant, friendly and focused support.


Highly Recommended!

James is a fantastic Alexander teacher. He has been patient in supporting me in learning about how to move (and think) differently. His insights and deep understanding have been invaluable, ensuring our sessions are a constant progression.


Let’s Get Going!

There really is no time like the present to get on top of your posture problems. They aren’t going to get better on their own. And, let’s be honest, telling yourself to stand up straight hasn’t worked, has it ?

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