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James has given workshops and speeches to companies including the BBC, the NHS, AstraZeneca, The University of Manchester and many more.

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Your Media-Friendly Posture Expert.

I’m a posture expert for the press andΒ  media,Β ready and happily available at short notice to write copy, or to present live, with a range of topics at-hand including:

Posture and the Effects of Working From Home

The Best Posture for Desk Workers

The Alexander Technique

Posture Awareness and Mindfulness

The Top 5 Ergonomic Risk Factors

How to Work Comfortably in Any Job

Β Modern Tech Advancements and Looking After Yourself

Staying Healthy as a Work-from-Home Parent

Managing your Health as a Soloprenuer

I’m sure you have your own topic in mind – just ask!

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About Posture Stars

Founded in 2019 by James Crow, Posture Stars helps to overcome the burden of modern-day posture problems. Today’s technologically advanced world just isn’t built with our posture in mind!

Fusing together the best of modern bodywork, mindfulness and ergonomics, James interviews the experts and seeks to help everyday people just like you to feel more comfortable at home, at work, and at play.

James firmly believes that good posture is key to enjoying a healthy, fulfilled and active life, and that everyone should be able to live and work comfortably – no matter how busy they are.

In the Press

Media posture expert article

Featured here in with an article on how consultants can look after themselves while they look after their patients.

Featured here in Lifespan Online with an article asking if you can get perfect posture with the Alexander Technique.

article by posture specialist
press posture expert

Quoted here in The Irish Examiner in an article about mobile phone use and text neck.

Media posture article

Quoted here in The Irish News in an article about bad phone habits being a pain in the neck.

Quoted here in Creative Bloq in an article about the best office chairs for back pain.

posture expert for media and press

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