Posture and Ergonomics Webinars

I cannot recommend him highly enough…
And would encourage all employers to work with him to ensure their teams have a home-working environment that is appropriately set up and supports good posture.
Jill Harrison

CEO, Bioscript Group

Effective, engaging and enjoyable wellbeing offerings for your staff

Working from home, office or both

These bookable live video online sessions last up to an hour

They don’t take up too much of your staff’s valuable time

Give them the tools they need to have comfortable, pain-free posture at work

Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist

James delivered an interesting and engaging session on posture via Teams, ideal for us now working from home. I was really impressed with James’ delivery style, it was as if he was in the room with us all, and he gave us plenty of information and exercises to practice.

Eileen Alexander

Rail Accident Investigation Branch

How to Run Your Posture and Ergonomics Webinar

Posture and Ergonomics Webinar

What’s Included in Your Posture and Ergonomics Webinar?

Many just-posture sessions focus just on exercises and stretches, which is useful, but this misses the point for employers who want greater productivity and less staff absence.

Whilst many just-ergonomic sessions focus on ergonomics and ignore the individual’s posture, how they work and their work-life balance.

These posture and ergonomics webinars are all about posture and work.

With many of your staff working at the desk or lab, and either in the office or at home, you can help them to work comfortably, to get the most out of their day, and benefit from reducing the likelihood of costly staff absence or reduced productivity.

Together we tailor your session precisely to your company

Choose any or all of the following topics…

  • The best work/break ratios for optimum health and productivity – so you can finish the day feeling accomplished and fresh
  • The best way to use a standing desk – there’s more to this than you think!
  • The best quick stretches for during the working day – that won’t take all day
  • How to set up your desk, chair and computer/laptop for optimum comfort and productivity
  • Finding and keeping neutral posture – so working doesn’t hurt
  • Working From Home WFH and hybrid posture tips and ergonomic hacks
  • How to make the most of your chair – whatever it might be!
  • The 5 most common ergonomic risk factors – the things most likely to cause you pain and discomfort – and how to avoid them
  • The best way to position your laptop, and/or your external screens, your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals
  • The importance for laptop users of using a separate keyboard and mouse – and which ones will suit you best
  • Tips and tricks for the best eye health – avoid fatigue and eyestrain
  • Setting up your home environment – plants, lighting, space and time
  • Q&A time with a posture and ergonomics specialist

What Do People Say About Our Webinars and Workshops?

Thanks so much for the sessions you ran yesterday at our Staff Away Day. Feedback so far is that everyone really enjoyed them, and I can safely say that we will all now be a lot more conscious of what we are doing with our necks!

Rebecca Day-Preston

Student Recruitment, Admissions & International Development, University of Manchester

Thank you as usual for your wonderful work, we always have good feedback from your classes.

Gail Heathcote-Milner

Sport Development Officer, University of Manchester

Thank you James, we had a great afternoon everyone found the presentation useful, interesting and fun. It was great to see everyone laughing and interacting during your talk. Would recommend James to anyone which I have done.

Paul McGregor

Wilmslow Local Support Group

Thank you so much. Its rare indeed to find a roomful of teachers laughing and having fun after a long day at work but that was just what did happen tonight. Your approach was interesting and very practical. A really great evening and one that we will most definitely repeat.

Liz Lawson

Association of Teacher and Lecturers

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