Choosing the right chairs can a be a costly and confusing nightmare! And how do you choose the right ergonomic equipment like keyboards and mice?

Expert Chair and Equipment Advice

Avoid costly mistakes
  • Select the right chairs
  • Find the best equipment
  • Special sizing needs and unique workspaces
  • Chair inventory and assessment. Should you keep, repair, or replace?
  • Make the most of existing warranties
  • Company chair and equipment standards policy development for lower costs
Avoid Waste

Avoid costly chair and equipment mistakes

Get expert help to choose the right chairs and office equipment in the first place. The best-looking chair is not necessarily the right chair, and choosing the right chair can be a minefield. And what about all those mice!!!

Special sizing or complex cases

One size most certainly does not fit all! We can help you find and choose the right chairs, from your most petite user to bariatric users. We’ll also help you find the right equipment for people with special requirements or unique workspaces.

Chair inventory and assessment services

Is your chair a disgrace? Keep, repair, or replace your existing chairs and make the most of your warranties to save money (you will be amazed how many companies don’t do this one money-saving task!). Identify the chairs which are a risk or hazard, those which don’t suit their users, and those which are still great for the job at hand. Our inventory and assessment tool plus our chair assessment service helps you to make the most of your assets whilst keep your workforce as safe, comfortable and productive as possible.

Develop your company-approved chair and equipment policy

Streamline your purchasing and standardise your assets for quicker decisions, lower costs and easier maintenance.

Reduce stress, discomfort and fatigue

You know exactly what it’s like to have bad furniture or equipment, right? The wrong equipment can lead to lowered productivity, pain and eventually worker absence. Our advice, inventory and assessment skills kick those problems (and those bad chairs) right out of the ball park.

Our Ergonomic and Posture Onsite Services Cover These Areas in the NorthWest

  • Manchester and Cheshire
    • Stockport
    • Warrington
    • Salford
    • Bolton
    • Oldham
  • Derbyshire
    • Buxton
    • Macclesfield
    • Crewe
  • Liverpool and Birkenhead
    • Chester
    • Bootle
    • St Helens
    • Wigan
  • Sheffield and Leeds
    • Bradford
    • Huddersfield
    • Barnsley
    • Doncaster
  • Lancashire
    • Preston
    • Blackpool
    • Lancaster
    • Blackburn


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Pick 'n' Mix Ergonomic Services

Choose pay-per-day or hourly rate visits to keep it simple

Identify and resolve the hidden causes of your staff’s pain and absence. Choose onsite or online

Discomfort Surveys

Full peace of mind that each employee is being monitored for the signs of injury

Webinars and Workshops

Easy to commission and deliver, our onsite or online sessions deliver in the quickest time

Training and Education

No need to hire another member of staff, get your own in-house branded training videos or train an existing member of staff

Specialist Consultations

For those tricky or complex situations that you just can’t figure out how to solve!

Expert Chair and Equipment Advice

Freelancers, Contractors and Solopreneurs

Stop being your own worst boss with our virtual assessments and advice!