Remote, Hybrid and Agile Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic/DSE Assessments

Specialised support for your team
  • Identify and resolve the hidden causes of your staff's pain and absence
  • Onsite or online for office-based and home-based staff
  • Choose from Quick Assessments | Single Staff | Surveyed and Selected Staff | All Staff
  • Written reports / DSE reports
  • Rapid office sweeps
  • Choose from 10 to 60 minutes per employee
Amazing! James was so helpful, and really took the time to assess my setup properly and help me optimise it. I felt the difference immediately! So much more comfortable, I can tell this is going to make a huge difference to my mood each day – thank you so much!
work from home review
Account Director, Med Comms





Certified Remote Ergonomics Specialist
James recently helped me get my home office set-up better for my back and posture via a virtual meeting. I found it really useful to identify how to use my new sit/stand desk properly so I can work standing up. His personable style and clear way of explaining what I needed to do and why it was important, helped me understand and implement the best home office set-up for me to help me prevent future problems. I would recommend James to support anyone needing to sort out their home office set up. Thanks!
Rebecca Stevens
Rebecca Stevens
Business Psychologist, Work Brighter

Protect from, and resolve, pain and injury

Remote Ergonomic Assessments are the perfect way to ensure your valuable employees are working comfortably and productively in their home or remote office.

Easy to schedule

Our stress-free online booking system makes it easy for your staff to pick and schedule a time that suits them most, on the video platform that suits them best. These 30-60 minute sessions are tailored to each employee, ensuring good posture and ergonomics, to avoid the key risks that desk workers are exposed to after switching to working from home.

DSE Assessments and written reports where required

  • DSE Assessments – A UK legal requirement for both your company’s office and home-based staff. If working from home is a permanent arrangement (whether full or part time) employers must ensure that a full workstation assessment is carried out and that the appropriate equipment is available to ensure the employee can work comfortably and safely.
  • Most sessions come with a full report detailing improvements made and recommendations for further action. You can also get a weekly progress update at the end of the week, so you know the exact state of play.

Take advantage of our discomfort surveys

Hassle-free identification for those most in need of support – with no need to go to their home. My fun 10 minute online survey is a doddle to access and shows you who needs help the most – choose to help all your staff, a set number, or a portion based on need.

As many or as few as you need - choose from:

  • Quick assessments plus DSE – 30 minutes per employee
  • Single in-depth staff assessment – Identify and resolve the issues causing problems for your staff with this in-depth personalised assessment (45-60 minutes, includes report and DSE where required)
  • Surveyed and selected staff assessments – Get the best out of your employees by helping those who will benefit most from our help (45-60 minutes, includes report and DSE where required)
  • Full in-depth staff assessments – Ensure everyone feels supported, whilst attracting and keeping the best staff, by showing you care with and helping them feel comfortable and productive, avoiding costly absence and pain (45-60 minutes per employee, includes report and DSE where required). Perfect for new-starters too!

Optimise and adapt their existing workspaces

Where possible we help your employees tailor their existing environment. We can optionally provide suggestions to you for purchasing options to further improve comfort and productivity. IT peripherals or furniture recommendations are most common. Use our suppliers or pick your own, whatever suits you. We can liaise with your IT department to help them select and test as they please.

Take the load off your existing staff

Let your office managers, HR and IT staff get on with supporting your business. Meanwhile these ‘done-for-you’, fully project-managed remote ergonomic assessments take the strain and support your best staff. So you can all get on with doing what you do best.


Remote Ergonomic Assessment Process
I cannot recommend him highly enough… And would encourage all employers to work with him to ensure their teams have a home-working environment that is appropriately set up and supports good posture.
Jill Harrison Bioscript
Jill Harrison
CEO, Bioscript Group

Posture and Ergonomic Clients Have Included..

Expert posture clients
James was really helpful and provided a lot of advice and suggestions, and also explained why they were necessary which is helpful to me going forward to be able to correct both my current and any future work set up. He asked questions about how I spent my working day as well, and suggested ways to make sure I wouldnt be straining my body too much based on my working patterns which I thought was very insightful too.
virtual DSE
Med Comms Writer

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Identify and resolve the hidden causes of your staff’s pain and absence. Choose onsite or online

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Discover the ease of improving your workspace and posture with our range of expert-led ergonomic sessions. Whether you’re an individual seeking posture advice or a business looking for group solutions, our instant booking system makes it simple and convenient

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ErgoSwift Session

Quick and effective posture fixes in just 15 minutes. Ideal for immediate advice

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Includes concise report for company HR/Wellbeing

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