Hey! Working on your own? We've got you covered!

Freelancers,contractors and solopreneurs, don't be your own worst boss!

We know exactly what it’s like to work for yourself, all the time you put in, the deadlines (and the dead times), and what it’s like to work without a dedicated office team sorting out all your chairs, equipment and IT problems.

Well, you can keep your IT problems, we have enough of our own! But we can help you overcome the pain, discomfort and lost productivity associated with working for yourself.

Try one of our remote ergonomic assessments to get your workspace just right for you.

Take a specialist chair selection session to get your chair exactly the right shape and size, with exactly the right features that you need.

Or engage us for a specialist ergonomics consultation – we’ve seen everyone from coders through to dental technicians, and we’re here to help – so get in touch today, and find out how we can help.

All Enquiries

For all corporate inquires please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within the hour during workdays.

Instant Posture and Ergonomic Solutions

Effortless Booking for Personalized Posture and Ergonomics Guidance

Discover the ease of improving your workspace and posture with our range of expert-led ergonomic sessions. Whether you’re an individual seeking posture advice or a business looking for group solutions, our instant booking system makes it simple and convenient

Expert Ergo and Posture AI

Free advice from our expertly trained in-house AI

ErgoSwift Session

Quick and effective posture fixes in just 15 minutes. Ideal for immediate advice

Rapid Home/Office Evaluation

Comprehensive 30-minute session for in-depth chair, desk, and equipment advice

Evaluation plus Report

Includes concise report for company HR/Wellbeing

No matter where you are, gain access to our expertise with ease, with convenient and secure payment options available for your region