Kensington Vertical Wireless Mouse

If you’re interested in a new upright mouse, check out our Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Vertical Wireless Mouse review.

I can tell you, I used to have RSI (repetitive strain injury) to my arms and hands, so I’ve had a lot of practice playing with upright mice over the years. I still recommend vertical mice for my clients at my practice. In the main they go down well. I spoke to one person recently who said it gave them strain between their thumb and index finger. They do have very small hands so I expect that was the problem.

I used to use a mouse from another popular, well-known brand. It worked well, was comfortable, and did the job. Over time the base wore a bit, and the accuracy started to suffer. So I was delighted to get my hands on a brand new Kensington pro fit ergo vertical wireless mouse, version 3.

While that’s bit of a, forgive me, mouseful to say, it’s simply a well-featured upright mouse.

The mouse itself is battery powered with a single AA battery, and although it feels pretty light, I get the feeling it’s going to last a long time. The Kensington products I’ve tried so far have all proved to be hardwearing. I can feel confident with this sitting well in our work category.


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Precise action

Kensington Vertical Wireless Mouse below

The click of the buttons is precise but muted, which is a big change from the noisy mouse I’m used to. The fit to my hand is really good, with the mouse wheel easily accessible by both the index and the middle finger. It avoids finger-strain for people using the wheel and is comfortable to use. The click to the wheel also feels accurate but quiet. Two buttons for your thumb make is possible to go backwards and forwards on your browser. I haven’t really bothered using those yet, they are oddly placed for my thumb – but maybe that’s just my thumb!

There’s a DPI switch on top to change the mouse speed, which is useful if you’re used to switching between different types of application.

An easy-to-use mouse

Kensington Vertical Wireless Mouse front

There’s a lip at the back of the mouse for the base of your hand to rest on, and that does take some getting used to. If you’re new to vertical mice then the whole thing can definitely be a bit confusing for the first hour. But you soon get used to it! It’s a lot easier getting used to a new mouse than it is getting used to a new keyboard, as there are only a few buttons to press.

Setup proved faultless on Windows 10. I simply plugged in the supplied 2.4Ghz dongle, windows immediately found it and set it up, and I was good to go. It’s also good for MacOS and ChromeOS. The mouse can connect by bluetooth if that’s your thing. While there’s no auto-off when your computer shuts down, it’s simple enough to turn the switch underneath to off. Still, it would have been a nice addition to save battery life. The dongle has it’s own little storage hole inside the battery compartment. This is handy if you’re out and about with your mouse.

As with all mice, at the end of the day the role of the mouse is to go unnoticed. I used the mouse to write this Pro Fit Ergo vertical wireless mouse review. Soon I was into the swing of things and the mouse became a natural extension of my arm and hand. Which is exactly what you’re looking for in a mouse.

Pros & Cons



Sleek and black, this is a handsome mouse


Quiet to use


3 DPI settings


Wireless 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth


Internal storage for dongle



Takes a bit of getting used to


Requires a single AA battery


No auto-off



2.4Ghz Wireless and Bluetooth


6 button design


Plug and play


Windows 10, MacOS, ChromeOS

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