R-Go Break Review

R-Go Break Review

Our R-Go Break Review looks at the R-Go Break software, together with either a compact or a split keyboard, and a mouse. This suite of hardware and software is a great way to make sure you really get the breaks that you need.

Are you likely to benefit from R-Go Break?

If you get arm, wrist or hand pain, or even neck and shoulder pain, there’s a good chance several factors are at play – your posture, your desk setup, and your working habits.

R-Go Break aims to alter your destructive working habits by helping you take regular, useful breaks. For many of us, we know we should break more often, to move around or do a different task, but we get caught up in work and just… one… more… email… and before you know it, you’re tired and sore.

If that’s you, then this could well be an answer to your problems.

R-Go HE Break Mouse

How does R-Go Break work?

By monitoring how long and how hard you’re working, and then alerting you when it’s time to take a break, the hardware and software work together cleverly to help keep you on track.

And rather than many solutions, which use a screen-based alert, this suite uses alerts on the hardware itself, as well as on the screen. Which means you’re a lot less likely to simply dismiss the alert to carry on working.

What’s more, the breaks are configurable by you, in time and length, and offer stretches and exercises that you can choose to keep you moving, flexible, and pain-free.

Let's take a look at the R-Go Break Software Suite

R-Go Break Compatibility and Usability

The suite works together well, so its’ worth making sure to buy a keyboard and mouse together, to get the most of the software. The software is even compatible with some sit-stand desks too.

As they are standard USB products, they all plug and play right from the start, and then you simply install the software, make any choices, and you’re good to go.

R-Go Split Break Keyboard
R-Go Compact Break Keyboard

My experience of using the R-Go Break Suite

I enjoyed my time testing the products, they’re clearly well made, and a lot of thought and effort has gone into the design, the effectiveness, the usability and user-friendliness of them all.

Now, I have an admission to make. You know, I’m all about posture, taking breaks, and looking after yourself. But I don’t have pain – mainly because, as I mentioned, I’m *all* about posture, taking breaks, and looking after myself. So I did, on occasion, ignore the prompts to take a break. Why? Because I move around a lot anyway, as I work from a home-office and have the attention span of a goldfish. So if that’s you, you might end up ignoring the break reminders too.

But, if you have arm, wrist, hand pain, RSI, or neck and shoulder pain from working at the computer, and you’re willing to dedicate yourself to changing that by taking regular effective breaks, then this is a great solution.

If you’re in the UK, you can grab yours from Posture Stars right now!

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