What is Chiropractic?

Can Chiropractors help posture? Let’s find out. Much like Physical Therapy and Osteopathy, a Chiropractor aims to manipulate your body in order to improve how you function. They tend to focus more on making Chiropractic Adjustments to the spine, which generally revolves around ‘cracking’ it. Cracking results from applying high-speed pressure to the spine in order to restore movement.

As with Osteopathy, there’s only limited evidence of efficacy for back and neck pain. There is a very small increased risk of stroke associated with receiving Chiropractic treatment.

Can Chiropractic help poor posture?

The stretches and soft tissue work can help lengthen and release tight muscles that may be pulling you out of shape. Cracking adjustments to the spine may also increase the flexibility and range of movement of the spine, which may help with freeing up your posture.

However, I’m not aware of any studies that validate the efficacy of Chiropractic for improving posture. Alas in the UK where I live there are far fewer Chiropractors than abroad, particularly the US where Chiropractic is much more common. So I haven’t met or worked with a Chiropractor myself. I intend to try out a series of sessions as part of my “James tries” series and will be sure to update this section once I’m more in-the-know.

If you do choose to visit a Chiropractor, take the time to find a good one. Try asking friends or family for a recommendation.

As before, it will be the quality of the therapist that makes the biggest difference, so be sure to find a good one, and check with your doctor before beginning any treatment.

A final note on Chiropractic for posture…

I personally haven’t worked with a Chiropractor, they are much more of a US thing than a UK thing. But by all accounts there is benefit to be had if you can find a good one. Expect your Chiropractor to want you to sign you up for a long series of sessions, at some cost. My recommendation is that you could use this as your choice from the available Posture Therapies, for your 5 keys to Good Posture.

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