Is Your Reading Posture Leaving You Sore?

What’s the Best Reading Posture?

Who doesn’t love reading a good book! I do!

But do you find yourself getting tired, achey arms and a sore neck, after sitting in the same uncomfortable position, unable to put your book down – just one more page! 

Your reading posture matters, if you want to read longer at least! One of the problems is that we literally (see what I did there?) get sucked into the book, and it’s hard to remember our posture. 

So getting ourselves set up well to read is a great way to make sure it’s a comfortable hobby.

Help is at hand. Try these 3 Simple tips so you can enjoy reading for longer with less pain.

3 Top Tips for the Best Reading Posture

1. Make sure you’re well supported wherever you’re sitting. Adding cushions behind your back adds support and stops you slumping so your posture is more upright. 

Particularly if you’re on a sofa or settee, take a moment to make sure your back is well supported. Most furniture like these leaves you slumping if you don’t add your own cushions.

2. Next make sure your book is well supported so you don’t tire your arms out reading it. Just place some cushions on your knee to rest your book on and your reading posture will be instantly improved. Try to get the book nearer to your head, rather than the other way round!

3. Finally, look down at your book by tilting your head down at a point between your ears, instead of tilting your neck forward where it meets your shoulders. 

You can try nodding a little, or dropping your nose down a little to get a feel for this. This reading posture is definitely much better for your neck!

PS, if you have kids, this is really important so go give ’em a nag and they’ll be in much better shape for next year’s World Book Day!