Do Posture Correctors Work?

do posture correctors work

If you’re wondering, do posture correctors work, then we have the answer for you. But the answer is a bit, well, non-committal: Do posture braces and correctors work? Yes! And No!

As a short-term tool to help you fix your posture, there’s definitely some benefit to be had. Just not in the way you might think.

How’s that? Well, they work by pulling you into a better perceived posture. Some are gentle, like elastic wrap-around braces, and others are more rigorous, like molded posture braces. So they do move you into a better posture, and prevent you slumping or slouching badly. Which is great, right? Right?

Well, yes in the short term. But you can’t rely on them for long-term change because they take on the role of your muscles in holding you up in a good position. So those muscles end up having to work less. So they get weak. Which isn’t the result we’re after.



They work really well as a posture awareness aid. There’s no denying, when you’re wearing one, you’re much more aware of your posture. The posture braces won’t let you into bad posture, so you’ve little choice than to have good posture.

The type of posture they help with is all upper body and shoulder – so if your problem is caused by muscular imbalance or tension in your lower back or hips, I’m not sure how they’d benefit.

And it’s for this reason, that they activate your postural awareness, that they can be used successfully as part of your 5 keys to good posture.

If you’ve decided to go down the posture corrector route, there are hundreds of posture correctors on Amazon

Posture Corrector Pros

Affordable and easy to source
Helpful for reminding you about your posture
Good at holding you in a better posture
Handy for using at a desk
Good for short-term use

Posture Corrector Cons

Can be uncomfortable
Difficult to keep clean
No scientific data on effectiveness
Not good for long-term use
Often visible. Do you want people to know you’re wearing a posture brace?
do posture braces work


Posture correctors can ba a useful addition to your posture plan, but beware of overhyped claims. You want to use it as a short term fix, which will bring your attention more to your posture, and stop you doing bad posture habits.

Yes! It’s useful, but as an add-on.

You’re not going to suddenly change your posture with one of these. While you’re wearing it, you’ll undoubtable look better though (if you feel comfortable). As long as it’s not visible, who needs to know how your posture looks so good?

But as a long-term fix they aren’t much use. So if you go down this path, be prepared to add in other methods – see our 5 keys to good posture***

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