Zoom Confidence

Be Zoom Confident on your calls!

We say

Are you getting tense on your Zoom Skype or Teams calls?

Finding your face tense, your breathing tight, and generally feeling anxious and fatigued?

Does it make your neck and shoulder tense, or your back ache?

Well you’re not alone!

We developed this course because we could see many of us were needing more than just good posture and ergonomics advice. In fact, if you’re spending a lot of time on video chat, it’s not surprising you’re feeling this way.

When Covid hit, Posture Stars had to switch quickly from in-person advice to online advice, and we could tell some of our old habits wanted to creep back in – not breathing well, squinting or getting tired eyes from focussing too hard at the screen, and starting to get tired and tense shoulders and necks. And this was James, a posture and ergonomics expert! Whaaaaat!!!

Luckily, says James, I had a toolkit of skills, the same one’s I’d been teaching in-person to teachers, counsellors, psychiatrists, and nurses, to keep them ‘looking after themselves’ when dealing with other people. So I put them to use on the screen, and voila! Problem solved.

Now I help people just like you to overcome their lack of ‘Zoom Confidence’, to feel relaxed, comfortable, but just as quick-witted as ever.

If that sounds good to you, we’re here to help, come try a session.