Top 3 Reasons for Back Pain at your Desk

top 3 reasons for back pain at your desk

Suffering from a tired, achey back whilst sitting at your desk? It’s not fun is it! And it’s frustrating because you really want to get stuff done. Here are my top 3 reasons why you might be getting back pain at your desk.

  1. Are you trying to sit up too straight? And it’s just causing tension? Instead try sitting up in a neutral position. Think into yourself as growing and expanding instead of tightening and stiffening!
  2. Are you hunching forward and getting dragged into the screen? Putting down all that weight and compressing down into your spine, which is causing you pain? Next time you’re in front of the screen, try paying 20% attention to you and your posture and 80% attention to the screen. This way you’ll start to notice when you’re getting dragged in!
  3. Are you sitting at your desk for too long, without a break? And not getting up and moving around? Stop what you’re doing right now! Get up outta that chair and move around or have a stretch, your back will thank you for it!

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