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    Good Wellbeing Wednesday Ideas

    Wellness Wednesday Ideas for Employees and Staff

    We’re all about good posture and comfort at work. Our emails and videos are hand-crafted by expert ergonomists (we get you sitting well!). So they help your staff feel more comfortable at their desk AND they help improve productivity. Oh, and did we mention they’re free? What’s not to like!

    Why is Wellness Wednesday Important?

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    Encouraging your employees to make healthy choices about how they work makes them happier, more comfortable, and more productive. Not only that, they will know you care enough about them to offer them such a program. Are they out there right now, slumping over their desks, with tired necks and backs, gradually wearing away their capacity to work comfortably? The poor little things! Wellness Wednesday offers them a chance to protect their physical and mental wellbeing at work. Nice. Easy!


    Here are just a few examples of the benefits:

    • A healthier way of living: We all know that habits can take time to build. Having a weekly dose of wellbeing is a great way to help instil those habits and make changes for the long-term.
    • Team-building: Learning new skills together is a great way for your employees to build community, talk about the things that matter to them, and bond over similar activities.
    • Less absence: I don’t need to explain this one, do I? Healthier employees are less likely to take off work!
    • Happier Staff: The benefits of looking after themselves manifest in happier, more resilient staff
    • Increased productivity: When your employees are feeling good, they get more done. You want them to feel less tired and sore, and they want that too

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    What is Wellness Wednesday?

    Wellness Wednesday is a trend in the UK, Canada, US and Australia to improve the wellbeing of employees by giving them some handy health tips, you guessed it, on Wednesday each week. Caring companies are taking the time to ensure their staff are motivated to look after themselves well. Not only does this result in happier, more comfortable employees, it also results in greater productivity, so everyone’s a winner! Even Governments are getting on board the wellness train. No-one really knows when it started, but it grew on social media over the last few years to a point where it’s now a regular weekly date for many forward-thinking companies.

    wellness wednesday

    What do you Do on Wellbeing Wednesday?

    wellness wednesday at work

    You can do whatever you like, there aren’t any rules or guidelines, it’s all very casual. Pick from from a quick series of stretches, a bit of yoga or pilates, some mindfulness, healthy eating tips, good ergonomics, getting some fresh air at lunchtime – there are a million ways you can improve the wellbeing of your workforce.

    Wellness Wednesday at Work

    With many people now working hybrid (some home, some office work each week), it’s easy to overlook the wellbeing of staff working from home when all you can see is their head on a Zoom/Teams call. This new way of working can be exhausting if there aren’t regular breaks, which you’d normally get at the office, going to talk to people, grabbing drinks, visiting the toilet etc. Homeworkers can easily forget to look after themselves in this situation, particularly if they have back-to-back calls. Bringing Wellness Wednesday to your workplace is an opportunity to rectify the situation by highlighting the importance of self-care, whether at the office or at home.

    How About A Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge?

    See if you can get a streak of weeks where each week has a special Wellness Wednesday time. This is simple, join us here and you’ll have weekly Wellness Wednesday ideas straight to your inbox with handy video hints, tips and tricks to aid the wellbeing of your workforce. Job done!

    Looking For Virtual Wellness Wednesday Ideas and Wellness Wednesday Topics?

    Staff working from home? The easiest solution is to send them a weekly video with a wellness tip. Once that’s in the bag, consider our webinars and workshops, we cover many topics including: posture mindfulness at work, working from home wellbeing, desk stretches for working from home, pilates sessions, yoga sessions, mindfulness meditation sessions and many more.

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    You're Ready To Feel Great With Wellness

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      We *totally* hate spam as much as you do! We'll never, ever share your details - and you can unsubscribe instantly

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