What do you do with your feet at the desk? Watch the video!

Have you ever paid attention to what you do with your feet sat at your desk? Now’s the time to check it out for better desk posture!

Are you a leg crosser? Which can leave you unbalanced and collapsing down one side.

Are you a foot dangler? Leaving your legs putting lots of tension into your body?

Are you the wrap around kid? Wrapping your legs around your chair pulls you down into your pelvis, which leaves you short of breath, digesting badly and can give you a sore neck.

Or are you a FEET HERO? With your feet resting flat on the floor.

And if you can’t rest your feet flat on the floor, why not try a footrest to support your feet.

Why is having your feet flat on the floor important? It helps you have a nice, natural, comfortable neutral posture.

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