DSE Workstation Assessments in North West England

Ergonomic Assessments for Office and Home Workspaces Across The North-West

Looking for specialised DSE and Workstation Assessments across the North West of the UK? Our services extend from Manchester to Liverpool, Bolton, Warrington, and beyond, ensuring businesses throughout the region benefit from optimal ergonomic practices.

Expert Help Finding The Right Chairs and Equipment for Your Employees

At Posture Stars, we understand that choosing the right chair and office equipment is not just about comfort; it’s about fostering a productive, healthy workplace. Our expertise in ergonomics guides you through the selection process, ensuring each chair and piece of equipment is not only comfortable but also tailored to individual needs and workplace dynamics. With our help, you’ll invest in equipment that reduces the risk of work-related discomfort and injuries, enhancing overall well-being and efficiency. Let us assist you in making informed decisions that will benefit your employees and your business, turning your workspaces and home-offices into comfortable, practical and productive spaces.

Comprehensive DSE Assessment: A Regional Approach

Our assessments are crafted to meet the unique ergonomic needs of businesses across the North West, from bustling city centres to quieter suburban offices. Whether you’re in Chester, Blackpool, or Stockport, our expert team is ready to assist.

Tailored Services for Every Northern Town and City - At The Office or At Home

We are dedicated to improving workplace comfort and productivity in every corner of the North West. Our services in places like Rochdale, Oldham, Birkenhead, Preston, Blackburn, or Salford focus on proactive ergonomic solutions.

Expertise in Local and Remote Ergonomic Solutions

From face-to-face consultations in Bury to virtual assessments for teams in Lancaster, our flexible approach caters to all work setups across the North West.

Ergonomic Training and Education: Region-Wide Reach

We offer bespoke ergonomic training and educational resources, adaptable for businesses from St Helens to Southport,  Runcorn to Wigan, and beyond, ensuring a well-informed workforce across the region.

With Posture Stars, you can ensure ergonomic compliance and enhanced staff well-being throughout the North West of the UK. Let’s work together to create healthier, more productive workplaces in every town and city in the region.

All Enquiries

For all corporate inquires please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within the hour during workdays.

Instant Posture and Ergonomic Solutions

Effortless Booking for Personalized Posture and Ergonomics Guidance

Discover the ease of improving your workspace and posture with our range of expert-led ergonomic sessions. Whether you’re an individual seeking posture advice or a business looking for group solutions, our instant booking system makes it simple and convenient

Expert Ergo and Posture AI

Free advice from our expertly trained in-house AI

ErgoSwift Session

Quick and effective posture fixes in just 15 minutes. Ideal for immediate advice

Rapid Home/Office Evaluation

Comprehensive 30-minute session for in-depth chair, desk, and equipment advice

Evaluation plus Report

Includes concise report for company HR/Wellbeing

No matter where you are, gain access to our expertise with ease, with convenient and secure payment options available for your region