Back App Chair Review

Back App Chair Review red

A Smart Way to Sit

The Back App chair works well for people who want to have an active sitting style. It’s intention is to help you keep a little more mobile than when sat in an ordinary ergonomic office chair, in order to strengthen your posture. 

Some people might want to use a Pilates ball for that, but I don’t recommend them for a number of reasons (no support, not height adjustable, too tiring, too large, trip hazards and so on!)

I think the Back App chair works well in what it sets out to do. Here’s how it does it.

Back App Office Chair

How Does the Back App Chair Work?

There’s a ball at the bottom of the seat stem, that you can adjust by turning. When the ball is pressing against the floor, it makes the chair unstable around the base, which is a cushioned ring. So you can have it set not to wobble at all, or increase the wobble to a level you see fit. When it’s wobbly, your muscles need to work to keep you upright, so they strengthen over time.

The seat cushion is saddle-style, and I actually find it very comfortable. It doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable at all, to sit on. But if you’re a short-skirt wearer you might want to think twice about using one of these in the office!

Back App Chair at Work

Are there any studies to prove the Back App chair works?

Yes! Here are some results for a chair vendor of over 600 Back App users:

Did you receive any positive health effects from seating on Backapp?

As many as 76,6 % said that they had experienced a significant positive health effect by sitting on Backapp. More than 26% said that they had become stronger and 10% said that they experienced more surplus energy. Almost 50% said that they had less pain and many said that they were not so afraid of getting pains any more (this occurs once the pains have subsided).

Will you recommend Backapp to other people?

As many as 96% said that they would recommend Backapp to other people.

And here are some results from an independent study of 354 office users who used the Back App for more than 6 weeks:

146 participants had lower back pains – 43 said they were healed!

241 office workers had pains in the neck and shoulder – 106 said they were healed!

125 employees complained of headaches – 57 said they were healed!

73 participants experienced pain in the arms and hands – 34 said they were healed!

101 were tired at the end of a normal working day – 40 said they were not tired anymore!

Back App Desk

Why I like the Back App Chair

I find the Back App really comfortable to use. It’s good for a normal height desk, and I also use it to take a rest from standing at my sit/stand desk by raising the seat to a good height.

It’s really easy to adjust with just one lever.

It’s really easy to put together too, simply plugging into place.

It comes at a good price, and the build quality is excellent. It looks good too!

And finally I like the way it keeps your posture mobile and working, so you don’t end up slumped in your office chair.

If you have back neck or shoulder pain, give the Back App chair a spin, I’m sure you’ll be delighted

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