“If only sitting at a desk wasn’t so uncomfortable. Surely there must be some way to make it easier. What if I sit up really straight. Arg, that’s tiring. And I can hardly breathe. I must keep going. Hang on, my phone is ringing. Let me get that. Oh dang! Why am I slumping again?” 


There are easier ways to sit, more comfortably, less damaging, and certainly less tiring.

Whatever you do, don’t go trying to ‘sit up straight!’ That’s just bad advice, given time and again, and it has NEVER helped anyone! 

Finding a comfortable work posture is a matter of knowing how to get in balance on your chair, with your desk, chair and computer set up just right for you.

Then you have to be aware of your posture.

And finally, you have to stay aware of your posture *whilst* you work. That’s the secret.

How many times have you tried and failed to keep sitting well over the years? How did that go?

correct desk setup.

Here in the UK (you can join the course from anywhere in the world) we have what’s called a DSE assessment. Someone comes to your desk, tells you how to set it up, and leaves. Sometimes they’ll tell you how to sit. And then they leave. Every time one of my patients has had one of these assessments, they’ve complained to me that it hasn’t really helped. The advice is common sense, but applying good self-management skills is left out of the picture. 

And besides, you’ve still got to get that report out in a hurry, right?

But once they’ve been throught the course, they can see how to sit well FROM THE OUTSIDE. And know how to keep sitting well, ON THE INSIDE, implicitly. And it just feels right.

how to sit with good posture.

We’ve all seen the youtube videos where some buff super-dude proclaims you can fix your posture with “this one move, instantly!”

But the reality is that good posture is a process, not an event.

You can’t just fix some perfect posture and expect it to stay like that all day. Fixing into a posture is TIRING. And PAINFUL. 


Trust me!

how to be aware of your posture.

If I asked you how your left foot feels, your attention will jump down to your left foot, and straight away you’ll be able to tell me how it feels. If I ask how your right hand feels, your attention jumps to your right hand, and you can tell me how it feels. That’s easy, right?

But what about how your posture, as a whole is? How your whole body feels. That’s something completely different. You can learn to be aware of your whole body all at once. In fact, it’s quick and easy once you know how.


how to stay aware of your posture, and work!

Once you’ve got a good desk setup, and you’re sitting well, and you’re aware of your posture, it’s just one last piece of the jigsaw to be able to keep that comfortable new, good-looking posture going. And get some work done too!

If you check out the course page here, you can watch the intro to the course for free without even having to sign up, to give you a good idea of what you’ll learn.

I really want you to make the change and stop hurting at work, worrying about your appearance, or about taking time off work, or collapsing in a heap at home because you’re tired and achey.

A final note on desk posture made easy…

I’ve been helping people just like you to improve your posture for years and years and years (ok, 15 years). I really wish everyone knew these basic things. The physical therapists,the nurses, the office workers I all work with say just how obvious these things are. BUT ONLY ONCE YOU’VE BEEN SHOWN!

I have an offer for you that’s hard to turn down.

I’m so confident you’ll benefit from the course that I guarantee it. And if you don’t, and you email me within 30 days, having gone throught the full course and applied the secrets inside, I will give you back every single penny, cent, euro, whatever it is you’ve spent. No. Questions. Asked. You can’t say fairer than that.

So you’ve absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Go for it, see you inside,


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