ErgoSpace Active Stand Review

Ergospace Active Stand Review

Do you stand for work? This could be for you!

This one’s for people who stand for work, either by choice at a standing desk, or through necessity (at a kiosk for example).

It’s a simple three-layer, padded, concave standing board that helps you keep moving when you have to stand in one place. Rocking from side to side gets some movement into the legs, as if you were taking a gentle stroll while you work.

Active Stand Board

"I'm so tired of standing up!"

Well, not right now, but as a teenager, I worked front-of-house for a theatre. There were long, uncomfortable periods of standing involved which would get very tiring and annoying. A board like this would have helped me get a little movement going, reducing the irritation of standing still for long periods of time.

I’ve tried the Active Stand out at a standing desk, it’s a much more compact way of getting movement in there than using a desk treadmill, although if you have a lot of space you might consider looking at a walking treadmill.

Active Stand Standing Desk

Using a standing or sit-stand desk?

I enjoyed using it while I was on Zoom meetings, and when I was recording webinars. Non-one could see, but I was getting a little workout in secret!

Ergospace Active Stand Review

ErgoSpace Active Stand Build Quality

The Active Stand is well made, produced by Norwegian ergonomics company ErgoSpace, with a rubber-type upper and lower layer around a harder inner layer. The soft rubber helps avoid aching feet, it has a little ‘give’ to it.

The board is heavy so I think it will last many years, and it’s easy to put it to one side when not in use – it’s not going to take up much space at all.

Active Stand Electric Desk

Who's the Active Stand Useful For?

Who’s it for? Well, if you’ve read this far, then you stand for work and you know it’s uncomfortable, so it’s probably for you!

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