Hag Capisco Review


Our Hag Capisco Review (and our Hag Capisco Puls Review!) – The Perfect Chairs for Artists, Creators, Kids, Movers and Shakers

Hag Capisco - Versatility in an Office Chair!

Hag Capisco Versatile Office Chair

We’re always on the lookout for chairs to suit all sorts of people, and we recently came across the Hag Capisco. It’s a chair that’s been around for a while (just like we have!) but until now our paths hadn’t crossed. This one is right up our street, it suits James’s the boss’s artist wife and the young kids too (I’m writing this article myself, I’m James, but I’m feeling self-important and powerful today whilst I sit on one, so I’m using the third-person…). As well as a host of other people.

A Good Office Chair for Home Users and People Who Move Frequently


These chairs are great for home-office users, you can really throw them around and they don’t take up much room. The Puls option (more on this later) is wipe-clean used a lot in high-volume areas (restaurants etc) and laboratories.

We’ll be recommending the Capisco to our music producer friends (you know who you are, erm “big up in da house” and all that), our artists friends, and also to our friends in the NHS (microscope and pipette users in particular, I’ll tell you why later) and particularly pharmaceutical companies around Manchester and Cheshire.

Well, Hello There, Chair


These ergonomic office chairs look, frankly, stunning, having been designed by the very fancy Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik. Few ergonomic chairs look this good. And now we’re aware of them, we keep seeing them everywhere (funny how that works, isn’t it!)

The Hag Capisco is a Very Easy To Use Chair


Like the other Hag chairs we’ve tried, this one is really simple to use. The levers are easy to reach, with a good tactile feel to them. The mechanisms just ooze quality. If you’re sat on a budget chair right now, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Are Saddle Seats Like The Hag Capisco Comfortable?


Yes they are! These are saddle seats (a bit like sitting on a horse saddle) with seat cut-outs where your thighs rest. I find this a great sitting position for posture. In fact, the whole chair is designed to be nice and mobile.

Want to sit facing forward on the chair. You got it!

Want to sit side on, you cool James Dean wannabe? You got it!

You even want to sit with the back in front of you to lean on, oh artistic one? You got that too, just hop on!

For most of these positions leave the active balance mechanism to do it’s job and you’ll be enjoying micromovements throughout the day to keep your posture mobile. The only time we recommend locking the balance mechanism is if you’re leaning forward onto the seat back (see the video for an idea of what I mean, it just keeps you a bit more steady)

Using The Hag Capisco with a Sit/Stand Desk


The Hag Capisco is just perfect for these too, with low, standard and high seat height options so you can sit, erm, low, standard or high!

We have (yes it’s still just me, but as I said, I’m feeling self-important today) been altering the height of the chair and the desk as we type this review, with ‘our’ sit-stand desk, to give a range of open angles to the hips. This variety is great for keeping comfortable throughout a long working day.

Ergonomic Chair with Good Eco Credentials


Over half of the chair is made from recycled materials. This drops to 39% for the wipe-clean Puls version, which is still pretty good. No harmful glues are used in the production process. Not only that, they come apart into separate parts easily for recycling after they’ve gone to the big chair in the sky (though with a ten-year guarantee that won’t be for a long time!)

What Adjustments Foes The Capisco Have?


This is a highly adjustable office chair, coming with all of the following features…

  • HÅG in Balance® (balanced, flowing tilt function)
  • Adjustable tilt tension backwards
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Back height adjustment
  • Lockable seat

Hag Capisco vs Hag Capisco Puls

The Puls is more affordable, and wipe-clean with a plastic back and mainly plastic seat. You can choose various coverings for the seat, so do go ahead and ask if you’d like more details. The Puls versions are often used for high-volume or messy workplaces like laboratories or places where you need to sanitise often, like some hot-desking environments. Or messy painters like my wife (good paintings/messy table!)

The Hag Capisco is known as the 8106 model, whereas the Hag Capisco Puls is known as the 8010. Here you can see the Hoag Capisco Puls in an office, in fetching red, and being used by a homeworker.

A set of Hag Capisco Puls's
Hag Capisco Versatile Office Chair
Hag Capisco Versatile Office Chair

Our overall review of the Hag Capisco


How did we find the Hag Capisco after a month of full-time use? We loved it! We really liked the versatility, stunning good looks, and huge range of seating positions that the Hag Capisco allows, so if you’re an Artist, Creator, Kid, Mover or Shaker this has to be the chair for you!


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