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 Today I have the pleasure of pulling together this Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand Review.

The K2 laptop stand from Nexstand is quite different from many of the laptop stands / laptop risers that I’ve worked with. For starters, it forgoes the standard flat folded shape and instead goes for a cross-shape that easily and quickly unfolds into space. As far as laptop stands go, this makes it one of the easiest to put out and to put away, once you’ve learned which part of the stand to hold, to put it up and down. So it’s really useful if you’re moving around a lot, or tidying away your laptop from a kitchen or dining room table to revert to ‘normal’ kitchen or dining room use.

Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand Review

Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is easily height-adjustable

The standout advantage is that it raises your laptop up in space, bringing the screen up to a really good height. A lot of laptop stands miss out on this advantage.

It’s the X-shaped design that enables this to happen, and I applaud it. We’re all for correct screen heights at Posture Stars.

If your laptop screen is too low, it’s either going to hurt today, or not long into the future – definitely worth sorting out ASAP!

Light and reasonably compact

It’s also very light, and once it has folded away into it’s included carry bag, it takes up very little room.

If your laptop bag is tight though, a standard ‘flat’ foldaway stand might fit better.

You need a couple of square inches wide and 14 inches length, so bear that in mind.

Review of Nexstand K2 laptop stand

Very Affordable

The next main advantage is the price, which is really affordable. This is mainly because the stand is fully plastic, so no expensive metal/aluminium or brushed plastics are used here.

This means it’s not a ‘show piece’, but unless anyone else is going to be admiring your laptop stand (and if they do, what’s wrong with them!) then this is fine.

Good Vendor

I liked that the stand came with really quick delivery, and was relatively unencumbered by unnecessary packing or waste. The cardboard box it arrives in is all, and that’s easily recycled.

The Nexstand company seem genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their clients. I chose to join the mailing list, and have received a couple of wellbeing-centric emails over the last month, which was a nice touch.

They also have a five-star Trustpilot rating (just like I do!) which is always reassuring.

So Who Is This Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand Review Aimed At?

I’d buy this stand if I was a company looking to purchase a lot of these, or if I were a homeworker who used up communal space during working hours and wanted to free up the space again easily afterwards. It’s als great for mobile/hybrid workers who need to carry thier laptop stand with them, just check there’s room in your bag. For these three reasons, it’s a great purchase.


Check out my Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand Review Video

Pros & Cons



8 different height options


Novel but useful X-shaped design


Light and fairly compact


Easy to put up and put away – great for homeworkers



Height may be a little low for the tallest users


A little slippy if nudged on a shiny desk


Not a high end luxury item if you’re out to impress



Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand Reviewed: Fits all laptops up to 2.2cm front edge, and wider than 27.5cm


Material – plastic


Open size: 30 x 27.8 x 16cm. 

Folded size: 35.4 x 4 x 4cm


Weight: 234g

Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand

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