R-Go Viva 15.6” Laptop Bag Review

R-Go Viva Laptop Bag Review

R-Go Viva 15.6” Laptop Bag Review

This is a great mid-sized laptop bag for busy people on-the-go, who need a quick and easy ergonomic solution to agile working. Read my R-Go Viva 15.6” Laptop Bag Review to find out why.


What's it like to use the R-Go Viva 15.6” Laptop Bag ?

R-Go Viva Laptop Bag Review

Great! It sits really comfortably over the shoulder with the supplied strap when you’re out and about. The zips are large and free moving, and it’s really easy to set the bag up as a laptop stand. The laptop simply slips into a fold in the bag, still leaving the USB and power ports easily accessible. You adjust the Velcro closing strap to change the height of the bag whilst it’s in use as a stand. It could have gone a little higher to bring the top of my screen up to eye height, but that’s generally a problem with the laptop I use, a Dell XPS 15, which doesn’t open out as fully as most laptops do.

The bag has metal bars internally that make it work as a laptop stand, and these also provide some protection for your laptop in case you drop the bag or it gets buffeted somehow.

The leather seems really nice. I don’t know much about leather but I did feel smart and well-dressed while carrying the bag. It’s so much smarter than a cheap plastic bag or a backpack, and I felt I’d look ‘en-vogue’ on a city street for a change!

There’s room for a compact keyboard and a mouse (you *are* using a separate keyboard and mouse, aren’t you, don’t make me get all frowny at you!). However I struggled to fit a large upright mouse in the bag, you’d be better with a standard ‘horizontal’ style mouse. There’s plenty of room though for cables, power supplies, ‘dongles’ ‘widgets’ and anything else you need to keep working effectively.

R-Go Viva Laptop Bag Leather

Who's the R-Go Viva 15.6” Laptop Bag for?

I’d choose this bag if I moved around a lot for work, and I wanted to look smart and expensively attired. It will be great for whipping out your laptop, sitting it in the stand, and presenting to people, ideal for sales people, consultants, and anyone who wants to come across as a well-presented true professional. I think this is reflected in the price. If you had a dedicated workspace at an office, with screen, keyboard and mouse already there, then maybe this bag is more than you need and you could choose a cheaper alternative, unless you like the look and feel of the Gold standard leather.

R-Go Viva Laptop Bag

A Laptop Bag with Do-Good Credentials?

The Viva Laptop Bag comes with some impressive credentials. For starters, the R-Go Viva is made of ‘Gold’ certified sustainable leather, which is great to know. It means the leather is produced to a good, sustainable environmental standard from a tannery using best practices.

Secondly, the laptop bag is produced in collaboration with the Agua Viva foundation in Brazil. Agua Viva is a Christian organization whose main goal is to dedicate itself to the Brazilian people under the motto “people Become Human again”. People can get into trouble due to all kinds of circumstances and as a result get stuck (e.g. by alcohol or drugs). The foundation offers these people a new chance. Learning a trade is an important part of their livelihood. By choosing this laptop bag you provide people in need a way of earning a living to help them going forward. By offering employment you not only give them perspective but also a source of income. In addition, about 20% of the production costs of the laptop bag will be donated to the Agua Viva foundation.

Which is all very nice!

R-Go Viva Laptop Bag Gold Certified

Overall: R-Go Viva 15.6” Laptop Bag Review

I like this bag and will continue to use it for when I make home or office visits to clients, because it looks good, it’s really practical, and it’s simple to use. If this is you, grab yours now!

R-Go Viva Laptop Bags


Height (mm): 340

Width (mm): 450

Depth (mm): 65

Weight (gram): 1980

Product material: Leather & Steel

Colour: Black or Brown

Laptop compartment: Yes

Size laptop compartment (inch): 15,6 inch

Inner dimension width (cm): 3

Inner dimensions length (cm): 37,5

Inner dimensions height (cm): 24,5

Additional compartments: Accessory compartment (2x)

Shoulder strap: Yes

Adjustable shoulder strap: Yes

Double shoulder straps: No

Handle available: Yes

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