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Senior Posture

Senior posture is a big problem. Let’s face it, posture didn’t feel like a problem when we were ten. Everything came easy, and the aches and pains that follow us each day didn’t even register back then.

But decades of hard work, and sitting badly, have taken their toll, and now our posture just isn’t what it used to be.

Our options range from lifestyle changes, all the way through non-surgical options, and as a last resort surgery.

At Posture Stars, we’re all about lifestyle change and non-surgical options. In fact, most of the spinal surgeons I’ve spoken to don’t really want to operate at all unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So we’re left with lifestyle changes, exercises and stretches, and products aimed to make your senior posture better.

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These are the easiest to implement, so long as you’ve the will, there’s the way. My first advice to you is to get moving. As a posture pro, I’ve worked with everyone from kids to people in their 90’s. And one things stands out every time when I work with seniors. The people with the best posture, mobility, strength and stamina are the ones who’ve gone out, every single day, for a walk. And I mean: Every. Single. Day.

Unless the flu or some other horrible thing is holding you back, getting out of the chair and onto the pavement has to be my number one tip. Time and again I’ve asked, “so tell me how you’ve managed to keep so well”, and the answer is always that they’ve kept moving.

Moving will keep you limber, supple, and flexible. Getting a good stroll in will get you lengthened, upright and mobile more than any gadget or exercise. And it’s good for the soul too, so what’s not to like. As an added bonus, if you can go somewhere with a view, like a lake, river or canal, you’re onto a winner.

So let me stress this again…


Go on, get out there and get some air on your face and some blood moving through those veins.


You’ll look and feel better for it!

Getting up and going to make a hot drink or fetch some water, and nipping to the toilet, will also get you moving. If you need to, go ahead right now, I’ll be here when you get back!


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I should say first, if you’re going to embark on a series of exercises, it’s always best to check with your doctor first before going ahead. Now don’t be upset with me, I know you’re capable, it’s just to be safe!

If you have really bad scoliosis (curvature of the spine), or really bad kyphosis (rounded back), the options here aren’t really going to help so much. You’d be better going to see a spinal specialist. But if you just have bad posture and could do with tuning up a bit, you’re in the right place.

There are lots of resources for stretches and exercises for seniors.

In the UK, the National Health Service provides trustworthy advice. Here’s a link to their pdf showing exercises for sitting, flexibility, strength and balance. These are four key cornerstones to helping you keep active and fit for life.

In my humble opinion, everyone goes in too much for strength and not enough on flexibility. Everyone over 50 should be working to keep their flexibility just as much as their strength. And balance is key to avoid falls and other mishaps. I’d start here if I were you!


No doubt you’ll be aware that physiotherapychiropracty and osteopathy are all happy to analyse and offer you advice to fix your posture. If you can afford the cost and the time involved, you could try one of these. If you do, be sure to find one that has years of experience, and isn’t going to try to tie you in to a long series of expensive sessions. There are many other options…

How about Tai Chi? Tai Chi is awesome for your flexibility and strength, and classes for seniors are generally easy to find. And they’re a great way to make new friends too.

The Alexander Technique is also a great way to improve your posture and flexibility. I’m an Alexander Teacher myself, and really enjoy seeing the progress people make when they take up lessons. Often for my older clients, it’s taken up because they’ve stopped being able to enjoy long walks.

Over time, they regain the ability to walk more upright and further, and that then gives a whole new lease of life.

Highly recommended!


Our hand picked Posture Stars courses are a great way to improve your senior posture, without the effort and hassle of going to see a specialist in person. You can find them here. All our courses are made with you in mind, so you can rest assured they’re made by professionals who know their stuff!

And finally, there’s always youtube. Be careful to find videos that are specially for seniors, don’t go jumping in at the deep end, and watch out for any pushy salesmen.

Many posture videos on youtube are put together by people who have all day to work out, perfect their tan, and make videos, so they might not have worked with seniors before.

You’d prefer to buy some new corset or gadget? Be sure to check the reviews and make sure other people have used the product safely and comfortably. You can find all sorts of posture supports and braces online. Amazon is a good place to look. And you can find our own reviews of posture wear, gadgets and books right here at Posture Stars.



If you’re looking to improve your posture in old age, I’ve outlined three strategies above. You could choose to get active, to take some online courses, or to buy a posture aid. The choice is down to you, how fit and active you currently are, and if you have any funds to buy some help. But what I really want to get across is this:

Yes! It is possible to improve your posture no matter what age you are.

You may not gain the full upright posture of your youth, but what you will gain is improvements in balance, strength and flexibility, which will all improve your quality of life. There’s only one time to start, and that time is right now!

Bye for now,


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