Posture Mindfulness Course

Wish that I had learned this years ago

I just wish that I had learned this years ago it would have made a difference to the way I handle life. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Linda Martin, Retired.


Great course!

The course is very succinct, and taught in an engaging way. My Active Mindfulness practice is a great accompaniment to my formal meditation practice and to the Mindfulness of movement that is a key element to my Tai Chi training. Thanks for the great course, James!

Jamie Dunmore


Calm, clear, clever

Calm, clear, clever instructions with immediate ‘results’ (for me).

Kath Sharp

We say:

Our flagship Posture Mindfulness course is a fun, in-depth way to learn to keep aware of your posture all day long. Whether you sit at a computer or do any sort of job, a key to great posture is being aware of how you hold yourself – and not forgetting!

This course was originally called Active Mindfulness, with over 2000 students and an course rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. You don’t need to buy this if you already have the Active Mindfulness course. You do if you don’t!

Also highly recommended is our Good Desk Posture Made Easy course which helps you find the best setup for your desk or working at home, and teaches you great posture too.

Do you keep catching yourself in a slump, or finding your shoulders up round your ears, or you have a hump in your back, no matter how many times you tell yourself to straighten up? The problem is it's too easy to forget your posture.

In  this course you'll quickly and effortlessly learn to remember your perfect posture whilst you work, rest and play.

Look and feel great no matter what you're doing!

Together we'll learn:

• How to become totally body aware. You'll instinctively know when your posture isn't right.
• How to stay aware of your posture as you go about your day.
• How to keep aware of your posture as you use a computer or phone, both in sitting and in standing.

In this fun and easy course you'll find:

• Easy bite-sized training sessions.
• Short, no-nonsense seven-minute posture meditations.
• Step-by-step instructions to build up your posture awareness.
• Beginner, intermediate and advanced posture mindfulness challenges in real-world settings to take your posture mindfulness to the next level.
• Bonus advanced techniques to help you flourish.
• Your course is backed by a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee, so you've absolutely nothing to lose.

Start right away, or leave and stay stuck in the same old rut... you're free to choose!



it feels great

I practiced the material in the video to experience what the instructor is talking about. If feels great and practical. In addition to other practices from other settings it’s helped me feel a difference in how I should be living.
I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a difference in their lives.

Emmanuel Debra


Totally impressed

I’m totally impressed with this course. I’ve been practicing meditation and mindfulness for some time, but this instructor brought out aspects of mindfulness I didn’t know, or at least couldn’t have verbalized. I recommend this course to everyone. However, I think it may be easier for those who already have a fundamental understanding of mindfulness, like what it is and why it’s important.

Ann Gordon


Brilliant Posture Course

I really enjoyed doing this course. It’s practical and simple. Perhaps simpler if you are familiar with body-mind techniques, but I think everyone can learn what this course offers with patience and listening to the teacher.  The videos are short and with a lot of information, the teacher is very clear and engaging.


Posture Stars Exclusive


This course is a special Posture Stars exclusive.

We’ve carefully designed and filmed your course.

So we can’t offer our own review, that would be biased!

As you can see from the reviews, our courses hit the mark!




easy to use




Simple to perform

I had been practicing mindfulness for a couple of years, but only thought it was doable alone, in a quiet place. In this course, James shows us it is not that way, through a series of simple to perform exercises. Now I practise active mindfulness anywhere, anytime, during conversations, at meetings or while reading a book. I highly recommend this course to anyone who already has experience with mindfulness and wants to take it to the next level.

Sebastian Kostka


Stress levels dropped straight away

This is an excellent course in mindfulness. The Tutor makes learning really easy choosing gradiated steps and nice short videos along the way. I’ve not done this before but have done some meditation of various types in the past the needless to say the difference is startling. My stress levels dropped straight away that’s without sitting with my eyes closed for an hour plus. The concept of moving whilst being in state is a new one for me so that is what I’m now learning and practising. Really enjoyed this Thankyou.



How refreshing!

How refreshing to hear someone talk about concentration and mindfulness in real world situations, and in plain English too! Useful tips that are making a difference to my life.



Anytime any place anywhere

Great course with easy bit sized lectures that were easy to follow and gave real sense of achievement. Recommended for anyone wanting to gain practical useable mindfulness that they can use anytime any place anywhere,

Kim Williams, Teacher.


Honest enthusiasm

Bite sized sessions that can be repeated and don’t require hours at a time. James puts everything to you with honest enthusiasm. His method is simple and direct, making it easy to follow.

Mary Nixon, Quantity Surveyor.


Really practical

I thought this was a great course, as I found it to be really practical. I now find it easier to practise my mindfulness each day. The shortness works well. I like how he talks about particular situations and wanted more of them,

Sheree Peters

Posture Mindfulness Course
Posture Mindfulness Course


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