Workstation and DSE Assessments in Manchester

DSE Workstation Assessments in Manchester UK

Our Workstation and DSE Assessments in Manchester ensure you're legally compliant, whilst helping your staff avoid costly time off work.

They also ensure your staff are as comfortable as possible, so they're happier and more productive too!

James has worked with companies throughout Manchester providing assessments, workshops and webinars to companies including the University of Manchester, The BBC in Manchester and Salford, Chetham’s International School of Music Manchester, BIMM Manchester, NHS Manchester, The Paterson Institute and many more. Our DSE Assessments are 5-Star Rated on Trustpilot.

Ergonomic Chair and Equipment Advice for Manchester

Take advantage of our ergonomic chair and equipment advice service. Find the right chairs and equipment in the first place, before you make any costly spending decisions. Check your current chair inventory for comfort, safety, suitability and warranty status, saving valuable time on your chair assets. Navigate the world of ergonomic chairs and equipment with our expert advice. We’ll help you choose the right products, saving you time and resources, and ensuring the utmost comfort and safety in your Manchester or remote office.

Need More Info, Such As "What is a DSE Assessment?"

Check out our DSE FAQ “What Is A DSE Assessment” with all the answers you’ll ever need to ensure you have comfortable productive staff and remain legally compliant at the same time! Discover the key to comfortable, productive staff and legal compliance with our comprehensive DSE FAQ. Our assessments are designed to address the unique needs of your Manchester-based workforce, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

Onsite DSE Assessments in Manchester

We’re happy to come to your work locations or home office locations in Manchester to provide onsite DSE assessments. We can help you define your DSE processes and maintain legal compliance whilst ensuring your staff are comfortable and productive. It’s a win-win.  With the option for yearly re-surveys, you can sit back happy that your staff are being well cared for and are likely to produce their best work.

Remote Virtual Online DSE Assessments in Manchester

Our remote DSE assessments in Manchester, also know as virtual DSE assessments or Online DSE Assessments all use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or whatever video software you prefer. We can cover your local staff and those further afield to ensure everyone gets well looked after. 

Employee Comfort Surveys in Manchester. Proactive Wellness in Manchester

Our surveys help you find the staff who need more support, before they take absence or lead to costly tribunals. Easily find and help the staff who need it most with our employee comfort surveys in Manchester.

Tailored Employee Ergonomic Training and Education in Manchester

From training your own in-house assessor, to defining your company’s ergonomics policy, or even building your own-branded training videos, we have you covered. Find out more about our employee training and education packages here.

Specialist Ergonomic Consultations in Manchester

Our specialist ergonomic consultations in Manchester help you with stay-at-work and return-to-work accommodations, complex issue resolution, and long-term pain and posture issues. Our comprehensive consultations in Manchester help to manage long-term pain and posture concerns.

More DSE Assessment Information

Remember, our services not only enhance the comfort and productivity of your Manchester workforce, and your remote workers, but they also ensure you’re in full compliance with ergonomic standards. Trust Posture Stars, where your staff’s well-being is our top priority.

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For all corporate inquires please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within the hour during workdays.

Instant Posture and Ergonomic Solutions

Effortless Booking for Personalized Posture and Ergonomics Guidance

Discover the ease of improving your workspace and posture with our range of expert-led ergonomic sessions. Whether you’re an individual seeking posture advice or a business looking for group solutions, our instant booking system makes it simple and convenient

Expert Ergo and Posture AI

Free advice from our expertly trained in-house AI

ErgoSwift Session

Quick and effective posture fixes in just 15 minutes. Ideal for immediate advice

Rapid Home/Office Evaluation

Comprehensive 30-minute session for in-depth chair, desk, and equipment advice

Evaluation plus Report

Includes concise report for company HR/Wellbeing

No matter where you are, gain access to our expertise with ease, with convenient and secure payment options available for your region