DSE Assessments in Stockport

Our DSE Assessments in Stockport help maintain legal compliance with happier more productive staff.

James has worked with companies throughout Stockport providing assessments, workshops and webinars to companies including the Stockport Homes, Aquinas College Stockport, The Red Cross, Mayhew House Stockport, The Association of Teachers and Lecturers and many more. Our DSE Assessments are 5-Star Rated on Trustpilot.

What is a DSE Assessment?

Check out our DSE FAQ “What Is A DSE Assessment” if you’re unsure what a DSE assessment is or if you need one.

Onsite DSE Assessments in Stockport

We’re happy to come to your work locations or home office locations in Stockport and the surrounding area, providing onsite DSE assessments. Ensure legal compliance and make sure your staff are both comfortable and productive.  Our yearly re-surveys, help you be confident that your staff are being well cared for and are likely to produce their best work.

Remote Virtual Online DSE Assessments in Stockport

Our remote DSE assessments in Stockport, also know as virtual DSE assessments or Online DSE Assessments all use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or whatever video software you prefer. We can cover your local staff and those further afield to ensure everyone gets well looked after. 

Employee Comfort Surveys in Stockport

Employee comfort surveys help you identify those employees who need extra help, before you lose them to time off work, or costly tribunals. Easily find and help the staff who need it most with our employee comfort surveys in Stockport


Ergonomic Chair Advice Stockport

We’re trained Chair Assessment Specialists offering ergonomic chair and equipment advice. Choosing the wrong chair or equipment can be a costly mistake, and we’re happy to make sure that doesn’t happen to you . We can also assess your existing chairs for comfort, safety, suitability and warranty status, saving valuable time on your chair assets.

Employee Ergonomic Training and Education in Stockport

Sometimes you want an specific employee to manage your in-house DSE assessments. We train and educated employees to be the go-to DSE assessor for you. We can also provide your own in-house training videos, branded with your company details and logos. Find out more about our employee training and education packages here.

Specialist Ergonomic Consultations in Stockport

Whether it’s a return-to-work issue, a stay-at-work accommodation, or long-term problems preventing work or productivity,  our specialist ergonomic consultations in Stockport can help.


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