If you work from home with a laptop,  and you haven’t got the right tools to help you, you’re going to end up with a lot of pain at the end of the day. Check out the video below to see why!

Do you work from home with a laptop? Here’s the transcript of the video:

Here as I’m trying to use this laptop, in order to see the screen well, I’m having to pull my head down towards the laptop itself. Which is resulting in a curving of my upper back here. So I’m likely to end up with a lot of pain between my shoulders.

And just as bad, I’ve got forward head posture because I’m having to crane my head forwards. In order to be able to see the screen whilst I’m pulling myself down at that angle. So it really is less than ideal. And there are loads of great things that you can do to make it a lot easier to use your laptop.

In fact, even as I’m talking to you now, this is starting to hurt!

So let’s pack that in, and see what we can do to get this sorted.

Magic! That wasn’t difficult. One laptop stand. One wireless keyboard. One wireless mouse. The laptop here could be a little higher. The laptop stand here is very portable, which allowed me to bring the laptop screen much higher up to and nearer to where my eyes are.

So I’m not having to cram down in order to see it. And I haven’t got that forward head posture. And that’s what you want as well, you want to be nice and neutrally upright as you’re sitting when you work from home with a laptop. So here, you can look down into the screen, you can type quite happily. This wireless keyboard is great.

It can go anywhere on the table, and a wireless mouse also nice and close to you, to keep you working happily. Work from home with a laptop but without the pain!

If you’ve got one of these stands as well, you can put your paperwork or stuff in front of you, and that really helps as well. So what a difference that’s made. With just a little bit of investment either from yourself or from your company, in your head neck and back to keep you sitting well.

No more of this, plenty more of that. It’s going to keep you breathing easier, you’re going to feel less stressed because you’re not compressed and short of breath. You’re going to feel less pain and less tired because your neck’s nice and open and your back’s nice and open.

And it’s just ideal for working if you have got a laptop like that. You can also get risers for your laptop, you can just have something that you put your laptop on. And again if you’re doing that it’s definitely worth having a separate keyboard and mouse. These things are so affordable now there’s no reason not to have one. There’s a nice article about improving how you work from home with a laptop on Forbes.

So get your workstation set up right if you’re working from home on a laptop. Or if you’re hot-desking at work on laptops and you need to make sure that you’re going to be able to work in that position for a good period of time, without discomfort, and without pain. Magic!

So let’s take a moment to look at what I’ve been working with here with in terms of the laptop stand, the keyboard and mouse. These are all by a company Standivarius. This is a lightweight aluminium laptop stand, that folds right down. And that is so light that’s ridiculous. That can slip really easily into my laptop bag.

And I’ve been working with a Standivarius keyboard, the wireless one, the Solo X, which is really cool actually. It’s bigger than the keyboard internally on my laptop, it’s got all the same keys, and it works really well. The actual dynamic of the keys is just the same as my expensive laptop there. 

This Standivarius mouse is fantastic, and I love it. More than ever for two reasons. You can work from home with a laptop easily, and the portable kit means you can take your laptop and work anywhere.

Firstly it’s ten years since I bought a new wireless mouse, which is I know, it’s a bit overdue. But it connects using a tiny dongle. And this is great because I can just leave it plugged into my laptop without having to worry about losing it (which has happened before!).

And secondly, when I remove or turn off the laptop, it turns the mouse off, which is great. Because the amount of times I’ve got to work, set everything up and got my mouse out, only to find that the battery has gone flat because it’s been doing it’s thing in my bag. I can’t even begin to explain. So that’s made me really happy, and that DPI button there, I can change the speed of the mouse quite easily.

So sometimes I’ll be doing a bit of video editing, and it’s nice to make that a bit more accurate. Or other times if I’m word-processing I can make it a bit faster. So they work really well, they’re all from Standivarius. And I’ve had a really good experience with those. Together, the three of them weigh just over half a kilogram.

Which, frankly, is nothing. When I put it in my laptop bag and am carrying it around, I can’t even feel the difference, that they’re there. So they have revolutionized my mobile office.

Because as you can see, wherever I work, I have to set up. So they’re really good, I would recommend that product. And what I would say is, whatever product you get, even if you just get a little portable riser for your laptop, and any old wired keyboard and mouse, make sure you do that rather than work just over a laptop. Because that really will leave you feeling aches and pain.

The equipment used here is the Standivarius Laptop Ergo Kit – check out our review here.

And if you haven’t already, check out our 5 best ways to fix posture working from home.


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