Axia Ergonomic Chair Review

Axia 2.3 Ergonomic Chair Angle Facing

Our Axia Ergonomic Chair Review: Best for Back Pain

We’ve been using the Axia 2.3 for a couple of months now, so we’re ready to shar our thought with you. As you can see from our review, we’re really impressed with the Axia Ergonomic Chair, it’s great for people who ache in an office chair, providing excellent back support where you need it.

Axia Ergonomic Chair - The 'Oucher's chair!

If you get lower back pain and can’t find a chair to support you well, this could be the chair for you! The back and the seat work as a team, and we’ve found the backrest provides maximum support – never leaving your back no matter what, whether sitting up or reclining. 

When we choose our favourite ergonomic office chairs, we’re really thinking hard about the person who’ll be sitting in them. It’s all about the person and their relationship to the chair! This time we’re looking at a chair suitable for people who struggle with back pain and postural pain from sitting at work. We think the Axia ergonomic chair fits the bill perfectly for people or companies looking for a super-adjustable office chair that will make sitting comfortable once more. Read on with our Axia Ergonomic Chair Review to find out why…

A good choice of ergonomic chair for sore backs

The Axia differs from most ergonomic chairs in that it has pelvic support, rather than lumbar support. It aims to support the pelvis in the right position, so the pelvis provides support for a nicely upright spine. This is rather than providing lumbar support in the small of back, where usually you’d use that to support you.

For this reason, the lumbar support doesn’t come as standard, though it is offered as an option. We found we were fine without any additional lumbar support and didn’t miss it once.

Axia 2.3 Ergonomic Chair Side Facing

Clever Split-Seat Seating

This chair has a pretty unique feature. When it’s unlocked, into free-floating mode, the rear of the seat lowers when you lean back. But at the same time, the front of the seat stays level. So this helps to keep the pelvis in the right position, because the angle between the rear of the seat and the back stays the same, unlike other chairs. So the support is constant. Check out the video if you need to see it in action!

Constant Support

The constant support the chair offers brings two major advantages to the table (erm, desk?):

Firstly, when reclining, it helps to keep your body in same position relative to the chair back and the chair seat. Because the back of the seat reclines but the front doesn’t, it stops a gap from being created between the top of your pelvis and the seat back, so it’s effectively an anti-slouching mechanism. Are you a sloucher? Stop it now!

Secondly, the armrests don’t move when you recline – so it keeps arms level to desk. Most chair’s arms will angle upwards when you lean back, so they don’t stay level with your desk or table. This advantage means you can lean back a bit without compromising your typing position – great if you spend a lot of time sitting, because you can change postures whilst typing. Which is a win!

Axia 2.3 Ergonomic Chair Side Facing

Fully Adjustable Arm Rests

We really like these arm rests. They adjust backwards and forwards, they rotate, and have height and width adjustments. The caps that your elbows and forearms rest on are also floating, so can adjust their position to get them millimetre perfect without necessarily using the grub screws underneath the chair (which allow for greater ranges).

Large Seat Slider for Leg Comfort

The seat slide on this chair is a full 10cm (many chairs only move around 5cm) so it’s easy to get full support for your thighs, whether you have shorter or longer thighs. This adjustment is often overlooked but can make a big difference to your comfort.

How about sit/stand desks?

This chair isn’t set up for perching, so if you have an electric sit/stand desk you’d probably want to consider a chiar like the Capisco.

Axia 2.3 Ergonomic ChairRear Facing

Long Warranty and Great Eco Credentials

The chair is built to last with a 10 year warranty as standard. With 56% of the chair made from recycled materials we like it’s Eco credentials too.

Overall Review, Axia Ergonomic Chair

This is our chair of choice for low back pain or pelvic pain. With a wealth of comfort-improving features, millimetre-perfect adjustability, and a ten-year warranty, you can’t really go wrong with this chair. We’re sat very comfortably in ours as we write this. Would you like to be comfortable too?

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