Posture Stars Recommended Ergonomic Chairs - Great for your Posture and Productivity!

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We love a good chair!

A chair meant for the actual person sitting in it.

Not just one that looks good, but one that feels good too. A chair that helps your posture, keeping you comfortable and productive too. So you can end the day without the aches and pains that a bad, budget chair can give you.

So we don’t sell  3 million different chairs.

Nope! We only sell  the chairs we’ve tested and enjoyed ourselves. Proper, comfortable, long-lasting chairs! 

Some haven’t made the grade. You won’t find them here – we simply won’t sell them. How could we?

Our Favourite All-Rounder Chair

The Hag Sofi Mesh

The Chair with All-Round Comfort and Style

Our Favourite Chair for Sore Backs

Axia Ergonomic Chair

For When Your Back Needs Great Support

Our Favourite Chair for the Desk-Bound

RH Logic 220

Awesome For All-Day Sitters

Our Favourite Versatile Chair

Hag Capisco 8106

The Perfect Chair for Artists, Creators, Kids, Movers and Shakers

Our Favourite Active Perching chair

The Back App Chair

The Chair that Keeps You Balanced and Moving When You Sit or Perch

Our Favourite Wipe-Clean Chair

The Hag Capisco Puls 8010

For When A Full-Fabric Chair Won’t Do! 

This video review includes this chair…

Posture product review badge

 We put every Posture Stars Tried & Tested product through our rigorous testing process.

Then, and only then, do we reject it, or recommend it for you to buy.

If we don’t like a product or we don’t think it will help you, we say so!

So you can be sure we only recommend the best posture products.