RH Logic 220 Review

RH Logic 220 Review

Our RH Logic 220 Review: Best for all-day sitters

As you can see from our review, we’re really impressed with the RH Logic 220’s super-powers for super-sitters! Let’s find out why…

Logic RH 220 - The Sitter's Chair

Our RH Logic 220 Review (latest version!) – Great for intense desk users – coders, spreadsheet junkies, and PC gamers. If you spend long bouts of time glued to your screen, the RH Logic 220 is right up your street!

Sitting in an RH Logic 220 Ergonomic Chair

When we choose our favourite ergonomic office chairs, we’re really thinking hard about the person who’ll be sitting in them. It’s all about the person and their relationship to the chair! This time we’re looking at a chair suitable for coders, spreadsheet users, computer-gamers, and people who need to spend a lot of their day sat at a desk. We think the RH Logic 220 fits the bill perfectly for people or companies looking for an ergonomic office chair that will keep them comfortable over long periods of time. Read on with our RH Logic 220 Review to find out why…

A good choice of ergonomic chair for long-time sitters

Chair for sitting for long periods

Testing a new ergonomic chair is always fun for us (I know, we need to get out more). But when you consider the investment, and the amount of time we spend sitting in our chairs, it’s no wonder that we get a little giddy every time. Yes, I meant it, we need to get out more…

This one is perfect if you spend long hours sitting at your computer. You’re lost in the screen, and you just need the chair to look after you. We’ll be recommending the chair to our techie friends, accountants and lawyers, spreadsheet users, and even gamers.

Designed by Jonas Ravlo Stokke and Øystein Austad, (you try saying that, I can’t!), a team from Oslo, the chair has some really outstanding adjustability, comfort, and longevity features, just right for your butt!

Set-up then chill!

RH Logic 220 Relaxing sit

You’ll take a few minutes to get this chair set up well for you, but once you have, you can set it and forget it. Don’t be daunted though, all the adjustments are easily made and well worth the time.

These adjustments include Back height (5 levels), seat height (with a smooth gas lift), seat depth (fully adjustable to 10cm which is great for those with shorter or longer legs), independent back angle adjustment, free-floating with tension adjustment (lockable for a static position), and areally nifty inbuilt inflatable lumbar support. The arms-rests are height and width adjustable with floating caps to get the support just right for you too! 

You can also throw in an adjustable neck rest, and CMHR foam (fire resistant for home-office).

We don’t usually recommend head-rests unless you have a pressing reason to have one, but this neck rest works really well for when you’re leaning back and ‘enjoying’ yet another Teams/Zoom call!

Good Eco credentials

We love that the chair is made from 61% recycled materials – RH really go the distance here in proving their Eco credentials!

What about sit/stand desks?

What about sit/stand desks? The RH Logic 220 doesn’t really do it for perching, it’s built for sitters, so if you have an adjustable sit stand desk take a look at our perching chairs like this Capisco.

Overall Review, RH Logic 220

This is our chair of choice for long-term, hardcore sitters. With a wealth of comfort-improving features, millimetre-perfect adjustability, and a ten-year warranty, you can’t really go wrong with this. If we sat all day at our desks, we’d be delighted to sit on these. Just remember to get up and move now and again!

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