Ergonomics Training Course Review – Train the Ergonomics Evaluator

Ergonomics Training Course Review - Train The Ergonomics Evaluator

Train The Ergonomics Evaluator


This is an ergonomics training course from Worksite International. And it’s great to get one or more members of your staff up-to-speed on helping your workforce. This means they can help your staff get their chair, desk, monitor, keyboard and mouse set up just right. So they can work in comfort and avoid costly injury or illness.

By enabling your own staff, you’re saving on paying for an external ergonomist or physical therapist to review your staff’s working environment. So it’s easy for your trained-up member of staff to hold remote sessions without too much fuss.

Your chosen staff member also has the option to use this ergonomics training course to get certified as a Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist. And this is a good way to ensure they’ve both taken and understood the course. Which means you can be confident that they are able to apply it’s principles and benefit your company.


The course is mainly video-based and easily accessed through a portal. There’s around 16 hours of video in total to study. As a result of this, it took me around a week to complete the course, working around my other daily tasks. So you’ll want to allow for that for your chosen member of staff. As a self-paced class, it’s spread over an eight week course, but there’s no reason not to take it at speed if you can.


Ergonomics Training Course Expert Alison Heller-Ono

This is a great example of an online ergonomics training course, this one lead by industry expert Alison Heller-Ono. We also have a fun podcast with Alison. Alison has been an ergonomics trainer and a pioneer in the ergonomics consulting industry since 1993.

The course is presented as a recording of a live online training course, with Q&A’s and interaction with other trainees. And this is great as a learning experience. However I found there were some parts of the recording that could have been trimmed out or shortened.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at the contents:


Module 1 – Roles and Responsibilities
This focuses on the essential role, qualifications and responsibilities of an Office Ergonomics Specialist.

Module 2 – Essential Principles in Ergonomics
Your staff are coached in ergonomics and macroergonomics. This means they’ll be able to recognize the primary and secondary ergonomic risk factors which contribute to workplace injuries. And they’ll learn basic anatomy and the most common types of Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Module 3 – Analysis Techniques
They then study Anthropometrics and the critical measures that guide them to the root causes of the problem.

Module 4 – Performing Evaluations
My favourite module, here they’ll learn how to perform a preventive office ergonomic evaluation. The methodology includes the 5 steps to evaluate any office environment. And they’ll learn how to document their findings in a draft report. I found this to be excellent.

Module 5 – Prescribe Product
Identify, select and prescribe the most appropriate ergonomic products based on their findings and recommendations. Often a quick fix can avoid having to make a purchase!

Module 6 – Report Writing
They’ll learn technical report writing skills to write an instructive, easy to read, final report from data collected. They will draw sound conclusions to determine next steps for a successful outcome. And make appropriate recommendations for an Office Ergonomics Specialist.

Module 7 – Accountability
Learn strategies for Employee and Supervisor Accountability. Provide job aides for safe work practices. They will learn how to measure the impact and the successful outcomes of their efforts to improve your ergonomics process. Which means you can be sure of tracking your return on investment.

Module 8 – Mentorship & Resources
Finally, test their knowledge with the final exam. The course and it’s accreditations are rigorous, so you can be sure to take full advantage of the training.


Affordable ergonomics training course with good ROI
Self-paced study
Optional certification
Expert knowledgeable presenter
Save staff from expensive musculoskeletal problems


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