If you’ve taken the plunge and started using a standing desk, you’d better take note of our Kensington Anti Fatigue Mat Review. Your feet might just thank you for it. If you had talking feet.

I’m standing right now as I review this. I’ve been standing here for over an hour, having soundly ignored my own advice to only stand for forty minutes before reverting to sitting, to finish off my last review, of the Kensington SmartFit Monitor Stand. It took longer than I thought, and I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t even follow my own golden rule, to change posture and position often.

And that’s the problem with standing desks in a nutshell.

It’s so much easier in our heads to ‘just get this thing finished’ than it is to step away (sit away?) and come back to it, after a rest or after changing positions.

So that’s where the Kensington Anti Fatigue Mat comes into it’s own. It makes your feet hurt less than they should. So if your feet ache after standing at your desk, this mat could make life a lot more comfortable. Just remember though to take a break from standing. Which is what I should do now. See you in a bit!

OK. I’m back, standing…

But. My. Feet. Don’t. Ache.

My secret isn’t a foot-rub fairy, working quietly away down there while I type. (I wouldn’t mind one of those, though…)

kensington Anti Fatigue Mat Review of Benefits

  • It’s not ice packs.
  • Nor is it non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory gel.
  • It’s just a rubber mat. A very comfortable rubber mat. Less expensive mat’s are available. Are they any good? I don’t know, I only have this one.
  • There are bevelled edges I can slope my feet off for a change of position. This is also really handy for sit to stand electric desks, because you can roll your chair on easily thanks to the bevels.
  • It’s non-slip and frankly a lot larger than I’d reasonably need. If I stand really wide, like a huge doorman outside a nightclub, I still don’t reach the edges. I guess I could try harder and tell myself I’ve done some yoga at work.
  • Ooh, and it’s black, which is the colour all foot mats should be, don’t you think?
  • It’s not too spongy which would make me wobble all over the place.
  • It is waterproof, which is handy as I nearly launched a cup of tea over my laptop yesterday, deflecting it with awesome deftness to the floor, in this case the anti-fatigue mat. Which did it’s job, and sat there in a pile of tea while I cleaned it up, only for it to end up looking as good as new.
  • It’s even BPA-free, so my kids won’t be toxified should they decide to chew on the corners.

Save them, foot-rub fairy, save them!

  • Finally, it’s from Kensington, who continue to impress with their hardwearing products.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter of this Kensington Anti Fatigue Mat review. What else can I say, it’s a mat. It’s comfy!

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Pros & Cons











Bevelled edges


Very comfortable





Non-edible (but BPA free!)



93.5 x 3.3 x 64.8 cm


BPA-free polyurethane


1.63 Kg


Foot-rub fairy not included