Nexstand K2 Remote Work Kit Review

Remote Work Kit

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Read our Nexstand K2 Remote Work Kit Review...

Today it’s time to look at the Nexstand K2 Remote Work Kit.

The Remote Work Kit is basically a value-conscious laptop stand, keyboard and mouse. It’s the classic combo you need if you just have a laptop to work on. Working on a laptop flat on a desk is a sure-fire way to end up with back or neck pain. If that’s you, stop now! Get it sorted!

All-in-One Combo

The big advantage of the Remote Work Kit is it’s an all-in-one package, and comes with the excellent K2 Laptop Stand as standard. It’s a sturdy, light stand that excels at raising the height of your laptop screen further than many of it’s competitors, so it’s much easier to get a good height for your screen. Having your screen at the right height is essential for good posture – but you know that already, right?

Light and Compact

The Remote Work Kit comes with a handy bag, which snuggly takes the stand, keyboard and mouse and makes it easy to take them with you. The bag is water-repellent, which is handy, but I’d be more worried about my laptop than the remote work kit!

Great Value for Money

The total price for the Remote Work Kit comes in at less than many laptop stands, which makes it really good value. The keyboard is great to use, nice and compact. But if you have large hands, you might want to look elsewhere as the mouse is better suited to small and medium hands.

Good Vendor

Nexstand are quick to deliver after purchase, and my clients have always been pleased. They also rock a great Trustpilot score (just like your’s truly) which is always reassuring!

Who is the Nexstand K2 Laptop Stand Aimed At?

I’d buy this kit if money was tight and I wanted a quick and easy solution to setting my laptop up well. It’s light and portable, so easy to move or store, and best suited to small and medium sized users due to it’s compact nature. If that’s you, go ahead, this is a great choice.

Check Out My Nexstand K2 Remote Work Kit Review Video

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