I’m ashamed to say I’m a little bit excited about this Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Keyboard review.

Have you ever had a new car, and taken it for a ride, and loved it there and then?

Or a new TV, and relished it’s sweet lines and sharp clean look?

Well, I might sound a little bit sad, but that’s how I felt when I first took out my brand-new Kensington pro fit ergo keyboard.

As we say in Britain, “it’s bloomin’ marvellous”.
Or, as we say in Britain when we’re trying to get used to a new keyboard,

“uts bkopin msrvelo {printscreen]”.

But hey, that’s what happens when you get a new keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong though, this one is just awesome. It reminds me of a panther, all sleek and black and strong but tight and fast and just mmmmm. Lovely.

Kensington Pro-Fit Ergo Keyboard

A step up from my last ergonomic keyboard

My last new ergonomic keyboard was MASSIVE. It clanked and clunked. Pressing the space bar was like forcing down the gate to the entrance of some heinous orc’s dungeon.

Sometimes the gate opened, others it just sat there, clunk or no clunk. You might see it in action if you join my free Working From Home Survival Kit, lurking on the desk like a troublesome donkey.

This ergonomic keyboard is *not* a desk-hogging irritable donkey.

So this new keyboard is eye-opening. Where has it been all my life? What pleasures have I overlooked? Still with me? Thanks, I’ll stop gushing.

If you’re not used to an ergonomic keyboard then you’ve got a learning curve ahead of you. If you’ve already had one, you’ll be used to the old one, and this one will feel weird.

I spent some time looking over ergo keyboard reviews, and one thing comes through time and again.

People are very, very particular about their keyboards. If you’ve got big hands, you’ll feel the keys are too small, and if your hands are small you’ll feel lost at the extra space. Or, if like me you have “average” hands (I’ll take that as a complement), and you know your way round an ergo keyboard, you’ll love it.

A truly ergonomic keyboard

Thanks to the gentle curve and gap to the middle of the keyboard, your hands hardly have to move at all. Your wrists stay neutral, and if you prefer you can raise the front of the keyboard on struts.

The keys themselves are flat, and low-profile, a halfway house between a laptop keyboard and a big clunker – but that’s exactly how I like it.

Ooh and it’s nice and quiet, but with enough feedback to reassure you that you’ve pressed your key of choice.

The keys are, apparently spill-resistant, but thankfully I’ve never had the misfortune to check this out.

A real bonus is how it sits perfectly under my Kensington Extra Wide Monitor Stand. They go together like bread and butter.

I have this wired version from Kensington. I don’t see the point in wireless keyboards if you’re not on the move.

Wireless mice, definitely, you’re moving that rodent all over the place. But wireless keyboards, meh. So I’m more than happy with this to write our Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Keyboard review.

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easy to use



Kensington Pro-Fit Ergo Keyboard

Pros & Cons



Sleek and good-looking


Not over-sized




Ergnomically approved and useful for RSI



All ergonomic keyboards take some getting used to


Not for big hands


Not for you if you like clunking (sorry, clunkers, nothing personal!)



Ergonomist-approved design positions your hand for improved comfort


Sleek and good-looking


Quiet, spill-proof keys


Plug & play USB


Built-in wrist rest and neutral grip supports, cushions, and positions the wrist for comfort and neutral hand alignment

Kensington Pro-Fit Ergo Keyboard

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