R-Go Compact Break Keyboard

  • Helps you take breaks when you need them most
  • Colour indicator light tracks your work
  • Bundled software works well to keep you on track
  • Compact, so your keyboard and mousing hands are kept in the best position

£58.80 Inc VAT


We say

If you struggle to take breaks at work because you ‘just can’t step away from the keyboard’ then the R-Go Break Compact Keyboard is a great solution for you.

If you have RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, this keyboard will make sure you stop and take the breaks you need to help your hands arms and wrists rest – but be sure to seek help to identify and correct the causes of your pain.

The compact design leaves plenty of good room for your mouse or a numpad.

This is a UK version, QWERTY, wired.

It’s USB wired and fully compatible with your laptop/desktop/Apple.

This keyboard works brilliantly with the following products to help you recover from hand wrist and arm pain:

R-Go HE Break Mouse

R-Go Split Break Keyboard

R-Go Numpad Break

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